Month: October 2017

Texas Country Reporter

The filming/episode of the Walburg Restaurant story will air statewide the weekend of Oct. 21 & 22.  In Austin we’re on KVUE 24 (ABC) Sunday at 10:30 am.  Then the following Friday, on 10/27, it will air at 8 pm on the national cable channel RFD-TV.  

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Mail Server Update

We currently have our mail server responding to most e-mail accounts. AOL users will still not receive any replies from us. We are currently working on the problem. If you don’t hear back from us, please call 512-863-8440. Thanks

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Mail Server

Our mail server is down with technical issues. You might not receive replies on our contact form or reservations system. We should have this problem resolved soon. 

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Walburg Phone Outage

The entire town of Walburg lost phone service this morning “10/06/17” around 10:00 am.  As of 5:30 pm we are still without service. Our online reservation system and contact form still work through our internet provider. You will get a busy signal if you try and call.  

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