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Biergarten Open

We will open our Biergarten Friday, May 7th at 6:00 PM for the season. Friday and Saturday evenings only, live entertainment, No cover, Tables are first come first serve.

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Buffet and Biergarten Update

As of 04/01/21 Our Buffet is still not available, so plate service only. We are in the process of replacing our tent that was destroyed in the ice/snowstorm. We will post another update around mid-April on our Biergarten opening date.

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Biergarten Opening Date

Every Year we open our Biergarten mid to the last weekend of April. Due to the Ice and Snow, we lost our tent and it’s still collapsed on the ground. We will open our Biergarten with or without this tent replacement. If you are signed up on our mailing list you will be notified via […]

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Texas Covid Mask

The State of Texas will soon not require Covid masks in Restaurants and Bars.  We are still enforcing our mask policy to enter our establishment. Once you’re seated at your table you can remove it. We ask that you put your mask back on for trips to the restrooms or at check out with our […]

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